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Google Penalty Recovery

Did you know how Google Penalty Recovery helps when you having images on your site that also appear on other sites could adversely impact your rankings? In case you've read Google's Quality Control Guidelines Policies dated back in March of 2011, you'll also know that Google has a certain amount of disdain toward affiliate websites. Duplicate Written Content + Duplicate Product Image = Bad. If you're an affiliate or if you sell other people's stuff on your web site, you may get into deep trouble with duplicate content. After I paste this into Google's search box, we see that Google returns over 3, 430 other pages.

Google Penalty Recovery reviewing almost all these sites, we see that not only are they using 100% of the written content from the Escort web site, they're also utilizing the exact same image from the product page. The product image of the Redline is modified with Adobe Photoshop and it was optimized for Search engine optimization purposes. Distinctive Content + Irrelevant Image = Bad. Lastly lets discuss strain images and discuss why they can be bad deal for your website. In Google, we may also see that this matching image was found on 537 sites. Now let’s consider that you used this same stock image that Google feels is relevant to client support on a page which wasn't relevant to this topic at all.

Google's Search by Image is based on the COLOR PROFILE of the image. Therefore, you can change the DNA of the image by altering the colour, adding other elements to the image or reversing the landscape. If you do use a duplicate image, make sure that all of your other content is distinctive AND still relevant to that image. To prevent the duplicate image penalty completely, use distinctive images or pictures of your products, brand and employees.

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